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Hatchstone’s Ignite Venture Capital (VC) Fund invests in technologies with applications in traditional and modern infrastructure sectors. We’re especially interested in but not limited to; Financial Technology (FinTech), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Service-as-a-Solution (SaaS), drones, big data, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, and asset sharing.

Why Infra-Tech?
Infrastructure assets support the core of every city and economy. Technology serving this large asset class will benefit from the stability and increased demand in the sector. Utilising our Ignite VC Fund, we apply our infrastructure sector experience in identifying technology to disrupt a multi-trillion dollar industry. The fund invests in high growth, highly scalable businesses rather than capital intensive brick-and-mortar infrastructures. We believe in applying innovation to enhance infrastructure assets.

The size of the global infrastructure market is significant and growing rapidly due to global demand.
McKinsey estimates the global demand for new infrastructure from 2015 to 2030 will be more than US$90 trillion, almost double the value of the world’s existing infrastructure assets. Technology continues to lag in the infrastructure sector, providing our Ignite VC Fund with the opportunity for digital transformation.

Primary focus in technology businesses that create positive environmental and/or social impact, including renewable energy, clean technology, smart city, and artificial intelligence sectors.

Target investments will display the following features and characteristics:

  • rapidly growing Australian-based early-stage business;
  • a competitive advantage that gives the investee company the potential to become nationally and/or globally competitive in their sector especially within renewable energy, smart cities, or artificial intelligence;
  • management teams with proven track records;
  • investment can provide the fund with a meaningful equity stake with board representation and appropriate shareholder protection;
  • strong technology advancements focused on environmental and social impact.

The fund aims to provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets in Australia focused on renewable power generation, storage, and delivery.

Return objective: Fixed annual return over the suggested minimum investment timeframe.

Community solar: A portfolio of solar farms in regional areas connected to the national grid. Once completed across five NSW sites in 2021, first year solar generation would displace about 17,000 equivalent car emissions. Investment plan to develop 40 small scale solar farms across regional Australia and integrate with proprietary hydrogen battery.

The Global Founders fund is a high-conviction fund providing global exposure to founder-led companies which create services and products with proven growth.

Success of founder-led companies comes from a fundamental structural difference between founder-led versus a typical run-of-the-mill type company. The underlying motivations which drive the company, as well as the decisions made day-to-day differ across founders, and those which are only monetarily incentivised. The philosophy of this fund is to invest in those with ‘skin in the game’ and hence a genuine vested interest for the company to succeed in the long term.

Return objective: Outperform the global stock market over the long-term (where long-term is defined by greater than 1 market cycle.)

Methodology: Global listed equities, long-only, unhedged positions.